The 710 Lecture Series attempts to 'look under the hood of technology'. I have made the PDFs or PowerPoints available via this page. If you have questions give me a call or an e-mail. You can find my number and/address in MyErickson in the CLUBS section.

There are a few additional files with MGC in their name. These are related to presentations made at the regular Tuesday afternoon Computer Club meetings.

I intend to resume the 710 Lecture Series in October 2020, howver it will be conducted using ZOOM instead of at the Redwood Commons Theater. Watch for announcment on MGTV. The current plan is to return to the previous schedule - First Thursday of the month, from 10:00AM to about 11:15.

To download a file, right-click the link and select "Save link as.."

2018: 710_2018-00_Introduction_to_the_710_Series.pptx
2018: 710_2018-01_Why_is_it_called_DIGITAL.pptx
2018: 710_2018-02_How_Do_It_Know.pptx
2018: 710_2018-03_Managing_Your_Files.pptx
2018: 710_2018-04_Local_Area_Network.pptx
2018: 710_2018-05_WAN_-_Wide_Area_Network.pptx
2018: 710_2018-06_Server_Browser_Tag_Team.pptx
2018: 710_2018-09_Working Smarter, Not Harder.pptx
2018: 710_2018-10_INDEXED_FILES.pptx
2018: 710_2018-11_Databases.pptx
2018: 710_2018-12-06_Lets_Look_at_Linux.pptx
2018: 710_2019-02_Burning_CDs.pptx
2018: MGC_2018-03-13_Buying_and_Selling_on_eBay.pptx
2018: MGC_2018-04-24_Capturing_YouTube.pptx
2018: MGC_2018-10-09_DIY_Audio_Recording.pptx
2018: MGC_2018_11_13_Four_Aces_aand_a_Joker.pptx
2018: MGC_2018_11_13_Modem_Story.pptx
2019: 710_2019-01_FILE_EXPLORER.pptx
2019: 710_2019-02_Burning_CDs.pptx
2019: 710_2019-04-04_Oh_Say_Can_You_C.pptx
2019: 710_2019-05-02_Printing.pptx
2019: 710_2019-06 Streaming SmartSpeaker IOT.pptx
2019: 710_2019-11-07_What's GNU.pdf
2019: 710_2019-12-05_Audiophile at Maris Grove.pdf
2019: car_talk.c
2019: MGC_2019-03-12_PayPal Presentation.pptx
2020: 710_2020-01-02_Virtual Machines.pdf
2020: 710_2020-02-06_Conversions.pdf
2020: 710_2020-03-05_Grace_Hopper.pdf
2020: CURTA calculator demo_0.mp4
2020: freeocr541.exe
2020: Meet the real woman behind the voice of Siri.mp4
2020: Prof_Higgins_and_Tuning_Fork_ONLY.mp4


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